Thursday, 30 July 2009

The Border Union Show

Well madness must run in our family or I have just got a double dose!

Taking one horse is a task, two is a struggle, but we decided to take three! Yes, three. Three to groom, three to wash and three to put tails up (although a kind lady came and did the mare's tail for me) . However we managed to make it to the ring and then the fun began.

Merlin has taken a great shine to Auntie Cecilia and she has to him. He was up first. He screamed his head off for his beloved Auntie the whole time and didn't concentrate one little bit on the job in hand- we got third.

Then came Dexter, my brother's horse. He was a gent and my brother showed him really well, the judge must however must have been having a bad day, he got third too.

Then came the turn of Auntie Cecilia. She screamed also, but she barged me around too. Now being fully grown she weights not far short of a ton in weight and that really is something that you cant stop when she takes a notion.

To be fair to her she showed really well but I believe as she wouldn't stand still a screamed so much that's why we were given another third place.

I then rode her later around the show field and she went so well I kicked myself for the rest of the day for not bringing my show jacket and boots ( she was supposed to be in the ridden class but I withdrew as I didn't think she was ready- more fool me). She was a dream and went far better with me sat on her back than she did with me beside her.

The day was good on the whole, if not rather stressful at times, and the horses went there and back safely- which in the end is the main thing.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

DNA Database- Friend or Foe?

Deoxyribonucleic Acid everyone has it and everyone is unique- its a stamp of who we are.

After studying Crime Scene science for 2 years it became a crucial part of what I was studying. Every crime scene I processed invariably had some sort of DNA left behind in it, from strands of hair to droplets of blood. This DNA would then be collected and then sent to the Forensic Science Service for profiling (ours weren't as we did have real hair and blood, but the crime scene was synthesized for educational purposes).

That DNA would then be stored against that crime and ran through the national DNA Database to be compared to 4.5 million other samples with the hope of generating a match- unfortunately not always.

So then if in real life those samples were sent and didn't generate a match, what do you then tell the women that was raped, "Sorry but he's still out there and we have no idea who he is"? Tricky question to pose to anybody.

Currently the National DNA Database holds the DNA profiles for all convicted criminals for life. They also hold the profiles for those who have been sampled but then cleared for 12yrs for serious or sexual offences and 6yrs for minor offences with juveniles being removed from the database when they reach the age of 18.

Currently there has been great press interest in the fact that the European Court has ruled that it is unlawful to hold data on people who are sampled and then cleared of the crime. Civil Liberty group "Liberty" has stated that these people should be removed immediately. Personally, and I'm going out on a limb here, I believe that everyone in the country should be sampled and put on the database, then if a crime is committed and DNA is found, then as soon as the sample is processed, a match will be found and that offender will be able to be found much faster due to the data which is held on the database. Also the press would be able to be used as a vital tool in finding them. They would be off the streets much faster and unable to commit the offense again.

How many times have serial killers left behind DNA to taunt the police but as they are unknown to the authorities have been able to go on a commit more murders before they are found? A database would at least give the Authorities a name of who they are looking for, and in turn help speed up the process of catching that said individual.

Furthermore an entire DNA Database of all of the population would also act as a great deterrent to potential offenders. They would know that they could be traced and would be less likely to commit the crime in the first place.

There is always another side to the argument, like why should everyone have their information kept by the authorities when they haven't done anything wrong? And what happens if the information would get into the wrong hands?

Everyone has the right to privacy, but they also have the right to be safe.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Deborah 13- Servant to God

Amazing the mind of a thirteen year old, dreams of what life has to offer mixed with hormones from the developing body. However it seems not all thirteen year old's are like this.

I watched a programme the other night which was entitled "Deborah 13 servant to God". Initially i was going to turn it off, but the first opening lines of the programme made me continue to watch it.

This programme was about a girl who lived out on a farm with her parents and her nine brothers and sisters. They never went to school, everyone was home taught and they never left the farm for anything else than a trip to the local supermarket.

Life for this girl when viewed by a conventional family seemed bleak, with no friends and nothing to do. But this girl seemed to thrive, loving each and everyday.

However when she began to talk of god and the relationship which she believed she had with him it then became apparent that she had led such a sheltered life that she was almost brainwashed and was unable to think freely without considering what "god" was going to think.

I don't believe in god personally but I do believe that people have used faith in may different ways and for some it may heal pain, whilst for others it reforms their behaviour. Deborah, didn't have this insight though, she believed he would judge her.

A child of thirteen should never have to be constantly thinking what "He" upstairs is going to think , it is a time when mistakes are made and that you then build on them to make you a better person in the long run. She commented that she didn't mind not having any friends and only seeking company from her siblings, but how could she not mind? She had never had them in the first place so was unaware of what she was missing.

The upside to her life was that she had never had to experience the cruelty of the world, had never had to see how truly awful some people can be and had never had to be and the end of someones foul behaviour. She had no concept of relationships; only that you got married and then never left that person. Her ideals were beautiful in some respects, but it did make her seem so vulnerable. What happens when she does get married? If that said individual happens to be a control freak that likes to use his hands against her? She would be in effect "easy-pickings" to such an individual. Would she leave him to get herself the life she deserves or would she stick to her vows as she didn't want to disappoint God?

I wish every child could have her life to some extent then maybe childhoods wouldn't be robbed, but ultimately I believe that if you are a good parent and help your child, then the bad things in life that a child may see, will only help them to become better more rounded individuals in the future.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

I never thought I would miss her so much....

Last weekend saw the day that Auntie Cecelia got the chance to go back to her husband for a naughty 6 weeks!

All being well she will be in foal this time and next spring should see the first of many little clydesdales running around.

It's strange though, not having her stomping her feet at me as I pass her field (she believes she should get fed everytime a human comes near), it's little quirks like that I miss. Also she was doing so well with her newly found talent- riding. She has the most honest nature and loves to please and I have been having great fun with her- I now have to wait until after the lambing!

I talk as if she is dead, but its like a big hole not being filled! I do love her and cant wait till she is back- maybe im just jealous after all she has a better life than me! LOL!

I shall send pics soon of her. Take care all and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

And We Are Off!

Just a quick post to let you all know what I have been up to- Auntie Cecilia!
From a mare up on a hill to a great friend all in about three months. It was known in the past that certain Ex-boyfriends had doubts about my horse breaking abilities, but then you generally have to start with something good in the first place! And luckily enough I have! (Right that's my gibe over with, thanks for bearing with me)
Auntie C has become one hell of a good companion and I couldn't imagine life without her now. I think it must be Clydesdale's in general but they seem to have the most amazing aptitude for learning new things and are so eager to please, I couldn't imagine me going back to Hunter types now.

She started off with the tack and then came the little bit of weight and then the big bit of weight (me!), now she is quite happily wandering round the field with me and all her tack and is responding very well from my leg aids ( this was done in about 5 Times of riding her)

I promise to you all she has never had any work done with her, not past a lead rope anyway, which makes this truly remarkable how well she is doing. When I first started breaking her my mum (rather optimistically) said " you will be in the show ring next year with her", and to be honest I think I will be if she keeps progressing at this rate. I keep waiting for something to faze her, but it never seems to.
Anyway I shall stop babbling now and if you could see me now you would be sick of me as I have the most cheesy grin!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Just to say sorry for the changes on the blog!. It seems that I cannot get the text to display properly for the older posts.

All will be well with the new ones though!

Any chance anyone knows how to get a picture next to my title? I tried and it took over half of my page!

Thanks to all

Saturday, 27 September 2008

We Can now see!!

The puppies have finally opened their eyes today. They are so cute! However they look as if they have a bad hangover!! Each time they open them, they roll around in their heads and then close:

"......ah no, the bright lights....!"

Bless them though they are adorable. The only trouble now is getting them all good homes. To be honest I'm the type that would rather give them away to people who would care for them and love them than sell them to someone who would have no real clue and would treat them badly.

Auntie Cecilia has had a good day, she embraced the bit. After trialling round the shops some months ago we finally found a bridle that would fit her massive head. The bit was the next problem, 5.5" is the biggest most shops will stock, so i was hard pushed today to find the 6", but i did and it fits like a glove.

To be honest I'm really impressed at her. she is 10yrs old and has never really been in civilisation, but she has taken to it really well. she has had so much change and taken it all really well. although some change is better than others, bits and girths are bad, but apple or mint flavoured horse licks are great!!! (she has eaten one in a day!)

although i feel her easy going nature is going to run out at some point and i will soon find out what flicks her switch.......